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Nowadays, we are all busy doing various activities. The hustle and bustle in everyone’s life give us no time for more activities to do. It is creating negative vibes in our minds and buffering ourselves with anxieties and society pressure. For all these reasons, you must take a break and add positive energies to your body and life. Why don’t you take a break in Puerto Rico? Select among a large list of tours in Puerto Rico and change your mind with lovely scenes of nature. You’ve come to the right place to get detailed information about the Island.    

Puerto Rico is mainly an old place that resembles the Ancient civilization that lined with a highly fascinated architecture, simple people, yummy food, and a large number of attractive places where you enjoy tours of Puerto Rico. This Island is called the Land Of Fairy Tales because of its beauty. It is also a center of attraction for many people. This place gives you a very reliable and freshness in your soul.

No need to look everywhere, here is detailed information about the most popular tours of Puerto Rico:

  • Pinones, Loiza.
  • Santurce, San Juan.
  • Old San Juan.
  • EI Yunque Rainforest.
  • Vieques and Culebra.

Pinones, Loiza , Explore Best Tours in Puero Rico

This place is really popular in the “Tours of Puerto Rico”. It is famous for its delicious food and traditional cuisine. You’ll find plantains, freshly cooked fish, oysters, and seafood. What if on top of that you are able to drink fresh coconut water? A dream come true. If you love gathering and discovering local culture, you must go further in Loiza, and visit the house of Samuel Lint, a local artist whose paintings and sculptures will make your jaw drop.

Among the Tours of Puerto Rico, this land is full of beaches, we are sure you will find happiness between its 1,200 beaches. Whenever you visit Puerto Rico, the beach is still the best place to take a nap.

2- Santurce, San Juan

It’s a 10-minute drive from Old San Juan. This Tour of Puerto Rico is a hidden secret. If you want to feel like a local, you’ll enjoy Santurce. This neighborhood is full of colors and arts. Many buildings display murals and exhibitions, showing the talent of many people from Puerto Rico and all around the world. They’re also a large number of iconic restaurants where food is taken to another culinary level. An ideal place for foodies. You can experience various kinds of delicious meals and taste a cuisine with African, Caribbean, and Spanish influences.

Music, culture, tradition, arts, and food are available in one single place. The farmers’ market also offer you a nice experience during your Tours of Puerto Rico. There you will find fresh vegetables, fruits, and local dishes in one place. At night the place becomes the spot for a big Jangueo (party !). People here live and enjoy every day nice and slowly. We always have offers for our beloved clients for tours in Santurce, please check out our social pages and Instagram.

3- Old San Juan.

It is one of the most historical and heaven looking places of Puerto Rico. This Tours of Puerto Rico focuses on the wonderful Old San Juan. Old San Juan is the colonial-style neighborhood located in the north of San Juan. Its colorful streets are legendary. You will gladly enjoy a slow walk to discover a 500-year-old architecture, or make a stop to drink a fresh Pina colada. You’ll have many options for lunch and diner as Old San Juan has a tone of lively bars and restaurants. You can feel the fresh air at Plaza colon or Plaza del Totem and just relax during this Tour of Puerto Rico.

4- EI Yunque Rainforest

It is located in the East of the Island. The Yunque is the only tropical rainforest part of the U.S National Forest System. During your Tour of Puerto, this tropical land full of trees and natural wonders will blow you away. Imagine a hike with your loved ones along gorgeous waterfalls and rivers. This part of this Island is full of butterflies and other species that enhance the treasured beauty of nature. During this hiking Tour of Puerto, a peaceful walk with beautiful views.

5- Vieques and Culebra

Cuelbra Beach, Puerto Rico

The two tiny islands are close to the main territory. It is a must-see whenever you’ll go for a Tour of Puerto. Vieques is also known as la Isla Nena. Both Vieques and Culebra are stunning and jaw-dropping. If you were looking for one of the best beaches in the world, Playa Flamenco in Culebra will fulfill your wish. Included among the best places in Puerto Rico, be ready for the most memorable trip on a Caribbean island.

Go camping and enjoy the remarkable view of Flamenco beach day and night. You can also stay in a rental house during your Tour of Puerto. Experience the bioluminescent bay and enjoy walking around the small towns or along the beach and natural wonders.

Inns in Puerto Rico

There is a large number of iconic Hotels in Puerto Rico. From the small boutique hotel where the decoration and architecture will bring you back in time and enchant you, to the 5 stars and resort hotel, where every desire is brought to reality. you will have a large choice of rooms and designs.

If you are looking for a hotel near the beach and in the capital, we’ll recommend you the Condado area, where every hotel is walking distance to the beach. If you are more interested in history and architecture, Old San Juan will be the place where to stay.

Discover Cheap Hotels in Puerto Rico

As we said, the hotels in Puerto Rico can be simple and also very luxurious, you will have many options. If you are on a budget in the capital San Juan, you will be able to find a hostel for $20/night. You can look for one in the Loiza Street area.

The Puertorican food

If you love food as much as we do, the PuertoRican food is going to be your jam! You won’t be disappointed as you will find different types of cuisine on the island. If you want specifically the Caribbean specialties we’ll recommend you to taste the Mofongo. A wonderful dish made with mashed plantain and stuffed with one of your favorites: meat, shrimps, or chicken. And because we are on an island you would like a good plate of seafood from the coast, right?

A portion of hearty food makes a happy heart.